On 26 May 1906 a meeting of Spiritualist Societies was held in Newcastle upon Tyne. The purpose of the meeting was to form a Union of the various Spiritualist Societies in the Northern Counties

Mr Trickey of the Eden Progressive Society  moved the following resolution that this meeting of delegates representing the following societies. South Shields Baring Street, King Street, Eldon Street, Robinson Street and Cambridge Street, Jarrow, New Benwell, Ashington Hirst, Cramlington, West Pelton, Shildon.

Form our churches into a Union and that it be known as the Northern Counties Union of Spiritualists and Spiritualists Societies. This was seconded by Mr Paterson, St Thomas Hall South Shields the resolution was carried unanimously.

The first meeting of the union was held at St Thomas Hall, South Shields on 9 June 1906.

The following were elected

President Mr W Dowell-Todd of Sunderland, Vice President  Mr J Ridley,

Secretary Mr J L Wedderburn, Treasurer Mrs J Ridley (South Shields),

Executive Committee Mr Wingate (Hirst), Mr Longstaff (South Shields),

Mr Taylor (Gateshead), Mr R Shelton (Gateshead), Mr J Storey (South Shields),

Mr R W Yuill (Shildon), Mr J G Gray, (South Shields), Mr J Trickey (Gateshead),

Mr J P Sands (Monkwearmouth), Mr J H Hampton (Cramlington),

Mrs R Shelton (Gateshead)

On 12 July 1908 The Annual Conference was held in Eden Progressive Society Gateshead.

A motion was placed on the agenda that the Northern Counties Union of Spiritualists and Spiritualists Societies become members of the National Union, this motion was carried unanimously.

Delegates representing the following societies where present:- Benwell, Ferryhill, Robinson Street and Stanhope Street South Shields, Jarrow, West Stanley, West Pelton, Shildon, Gateshead,  Hirst, and Seaton Delaval

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