OGM 21 June 2014

NDC OGM 21 June 2014


Presidents address


Ladies and gentlemen, we have a lot to get through today so I will try to keep this address brief.


Since the AGM both Mr Jim Robson LSSNU and Mrs Dorothy Dent CSNU LSSNU have passed to the spirit world. Their physical presence is sadly missed.


There have been the following changes on the NDC Executive committee: Minister Nora Shaw TSNU has taken on the Healing rep and Lyceum rep roles. Linda Finch has moved to Individual Members Rep. Eleanor Gladstone, who was originally co-opted as an ordinary member has now become a Councillor.


Sadly, I have to report that Whitley Bay Church will not be reopening. Due to lack of membership support and lack of funds required to make the building safe for public use, which would cost in excess of £20000.00.  The NEC have been reluctantly forced into the decision to dissolve the church, as the full membership had fallen below 13. For all those present at the Members meeting held in March, wished to try to reopen the church, there were only 4 full members in attendance. Before reopening could be considered, a Condition of Building Survey was carried out, which showed in its current condition it was unsafe for public use and that lives would be put at risk.


It is with regret I inform members that Ashington SC has been placed under the supervision of the DC. 2 individuals have been debarred from serving on a committee for a period of 3 years.


It may seem that this address has been nothing but sad news, however on a positive note there have been several applications for Long Service Awards and presentations will be made once awards are received from The Training & Awards Committee 


There is one more thing that I have to bring to members attention.  It is not often that I comment on rumours normally I ignore them that way they will eventually die a death, however, I must make an exception in this particular case. It has been said that an independent organisation has the full backing of both the SNU President and NDC President, I can categorically state that this is in fact totally untrue.  The only churches that have the full backing of the SNU and NDC are SNU churches.


On Saturday we had an informative talk on Safeguarding by Minister Tony Penketh DSNU.


Tony was invited to do this due to Churches not following the correct procedures regarding Registered Sex Offenders rights to attend our Churches. Churches should not contact the District Council.  The National Safeguarding Co-ordinator should be contacted directly either by email nsc@snu.org.uk or telephone  07539 053974.


There is no need for anyone on the District Council to be involved as the only people who should know if a registered sex offender is attending a Church are the NSC, the RSO and 3 of the Church Officers.


It was further explained that there is a contract which only allows the  RSO to attend a Divine Service and that at least one of the Officers would need to be present.


During a discussion it was asked about banning someone with a mental health condition from a church.


The District Council Executive is concerned about this as everyone has a right to worship and be treated with respect and dignity; they are also entitled to privacy. No one should be labelled in this day and age and in doing so is actually an act of discrimination.


To ban someone because they have a mental health condition would contravene Schedule 2 of the Rules for Churches it would also contravene the 2010 Equality Act.



Schedule 2

Equal Opportunities Policy Statement


This SNU Church is committed to eliminating discrimination and encouraging diversity amongst all who enter this Church.


Our aim is that we would be truly representative of all sections of society; to that end the purpose of this policy statement is to provide equality and fairness for all who enter our premises.


This SNU church opposes all forms of unlawful discrimination and under the discrimination Act we will do all within our power to ensure that members and visitors will be treated fairly and with respect. We aim not to discriminate on grounds of gender, marital status, race, ethnic origin, colour, nationality, national origin, disability, sexual orientation, religion or age; no form of intimidation, bullying or harassment will be tolerated.


Any complaints will be actively investigated by the church committee and will result in the appropriate action being taken if they are found to be proven.

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