Roll of Honor

Gold Service Awards (GSSNU)

The qualification for this award is the same as for the Long service award except that

the period of service must have been for at least 50 years.

Being a church member is not considered as service to the Union.

                                Gladys Malaburn July 1997

                                Ronald Summers October 1997

                                I Grundy April 1998

                                Ginny Munday April 1998

                                Marjorie Greathead February 2000

                                Eveline Adie February 2000

                                Margaret Louise Kershaw March 2000

                                Evelyn Dunn November 2000

                                Thomas Sedman February 2001

                                Jeanette Dunn April 2001

                                Isabel Whales August 2002

                                Peggy Crick August 2002

                                Stan Jones 2005

                                Bob Cockburn 2008

                                Joseph Swan 2014

                                Muriel Burnett 2014

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