Healing Committee

Chairperson.                                       Linda  Finch CSNU

Vice Chairman                                          

Secretary                                           John Marr  

Committee Member                            Sandra Weller

Committee Member                            Elaine Kimmit CSNU 

Committee Member                                   Gerry Lee       

Ex-Officio                                          Mark Bradley CSNU




Training to become an SNU Accredited Healing Medium

All trainee Healers will normally spend two years training although it can be done in less, during which time they undertake the formal training requirements of the SNU Exponents Committee in accordance with the Code of Conduct & Healing and the Law. Trainees must pass the H1- SNU Healing Course, thus gaining theoretical knowledge, and during the two years have practical experience, under supervision, or all aspects of the healing group's work.  After this training period Healers may apply for an upgrading assessment to Accredited Healer status. Joining the SNU Healing Accreditation  SchemeYou must be either be a :-

A member of an SNU Church and have been invited to join their Healing Group, or An Individual Member of the SNU and sponsored by an SNU Approved Healer who will oversee your training.  You must register with the SNU Exponents Committee through the SNU Head Office before your period of training begins. Initial Fee for Registering with the SNU Exponents Committee is £71.50 from 1 April 2018 this includes registration, enrolment on H1 and course notes 

Objectives of the Healing Accreditation Scheme To ensure that healers registered with the SNU Exponents Committee have undergone a procedure of training, education, experience and assessment, whereby they can demonstrate a level of knowledge and skill sufficient to attain an Accredited Healer status as determined by the SNU Exponents Committee, On satisfactory completion of training and an assessment, the trainee will be upgraded to Accredited Healer status and possess the skill and practical experience needed for the practice of healing in the United Kingdom and within the SNU requirements before you can apply for upgrading to Accredited Healer Status 

• Completion of 100 weekly practical healing sessions. 

• Passed, at A or B grade, the SNU Education Committee H1 Basic Healing Course.

• Submission of a Logbook, that lists experience and Review Sessions attended.

• Submission of two patient references.

• Must attend 3 district review sessions which are arranged by the District Council Healing Sub-committees or alternatively, must attend 2 review weekends at the Arthur Findlay College.

2019 Review Days  (all start at 10am)

2020 dates to follow  

 There will be a £5.00 charge for those attending Healing Review days.

After all the above is complete you must apply for upgrade assessment and send the appropriate assessment fee.

To find out more about training as an SNU Healer, please contact: - 

SNU Registrations Office

SNU, Redwoods, 

Stansted Hall, 



CM24 8UD


Telephone 01279 816363

Email: registrations@snu.org.uk



Spiritual Healing is defined by the SNU as being a form of healing by the uses of forces and energies from the World of Spirit, channeled through the Healer by the laying on of hands on or near the body, or prayer or the direction of thought from a distance.  

A Spiritualist Healer is a Healer who practices Spiritual Healing within the SNU in accordance with the philosophy and teachings of Spiritualism, All Spiritualist Healers are subject to the rules and regulations of the SNU.

Spiritual Healing is for the whole person, that is, for the non-physical aspects of ourselves (such as the emotions, the mind) as well as for the physical body. From the above definitions, it can be seen that a Healer is a medium who works with the Spirit World and those "patients" in the physical world who come to the Healer for Healing. 

The Healer is used as a channel (or link) between the Spirit World and the patient, allowing the Healing Energies to flow from the Divine Source to the patient. This then allows the patient to use these energies through positive thoughts to improve their health on whatever level of being they are in need. Hence the expression "from Spirit, through Spirit, to Spirit".The first "feelings" or "sensations" that a patient will probably experience are relaxed, being calm and uplifted, a little warmth or a little cool (neither  which have any effect on the Healing). 

With a positive attitude and positive thoughts, the patient then uses the Healing Energies to improve their own condition, whatever that may be.By this process, it is hoped that the patient will receive some benefit from the Healing, the degree of which cannot be determined by the Healer. No-one, be they a Doctor, Nurse, Spiritual Healer or any other practitioner can ever guarantee a cure, there are many factors that determine how much benefit a patient will receive from any form of Healing. There are no instant cures, everything takes time to work "through the system. 

A patient should consider their own life style, attitude, being positive, hopeful, caring for themselves and so on. The patient may also feel that they want to return for more healing at another Healing session, this they can do so whenever they feel the need. As Spiritual Healers, we do not tell patients when to return to us for more healing, the patient is the person who knows what they need, and when, the decision is for them to make.SNU Healers work to the SNU Healing Code of Conduct, and are aware of the Law as it relates to Healing.

A Healer is not allowed to diagnose problems, prescribe medication, offer advice on treatment or countermand a doctor's advice to a patient. All of these things are the responsibility of a qualified medical practitioner There are different ways of bringing the Healing energies to a patient. There are four methods by which a Healer can work within the SNU and a brief description of each is given below ~* Contact Healing whereby the Healer will work by the laying on of hands   physically touching the patient in a courteous and dignified manner, always being aware of sensitive areas. * Distant Healing whereby the Healer and patient are close to each other (for example: in the same room) but not in the manner for Contact Healing, with the co-operation of the Spirit World, directs Healing Energies to the patient by thought from a distance. * Absent Healing whereby the patient is not in the same place as the Healer (they might even be on opposite sides of the world) and the Healer or other  person requests that Healing Energies be directed to the patient by prayer to  the Divine Source and thought to those in the Spirit World.

In the case of Contact Healing and Distant Healing, prior to Healing taking place, the Healer will explain to the patient how he / she is going to work, and seek the patient's agreement to this. Contact Healing and Distant Healing are usually administered with a patient seated comfortably on an ordinary upright chair. However, if a patient's needs and circumstances dictate, such as a patient is ill in bed (at home or in hospital), or is in a wheelchair or has to maintain a particular position for some reason, then Healing can still be administered in this situation. Sometimes when Healing is requested and difficult situations dictate, a Healer might suggest that Distant or Absent Healing might be more appropriate. It is not necessary to remove any clothing unless the patient wants to remove, say, a coat for their own comfort. 

The Healer will normally request that spectacles and a hearing aid be removed (if these are being worn) only so that that the spectacles do not get knocked and broken, and that the proximity of the Healers (hands in particular) to the hearing aid does not cause it to "whistle" in the patients ear. These are simple common sense items and do not affect the Healing in any way, and there is no evidence whatsoever to suggest that pacemakers or other similar aids and devices are affected by Spiritual Healing.Both the patient and the Healer are entitled to be accompanied by another person known to them, if they so wish, when a Healer and patient are working together. Again this will be discussed prior to Healing taking place.

Each patient has a record card that is strictly confidential and is retained by the Church in a locked and secure place. A patient is entitled to see their own record card, the only other people having access to the record cards are the Healers who work with the patient. An entry will be made by the Healer each time the patient attends, providing a history of reasons for attendance and progress made. Particular conditions apply to the Healing of minors. These are legal requirements, so please do not be offended in any way if you are an adult accompanying a minor who is attending for Healing and questions are asked by the Healer, and your signature is requested. We must obey the Law of the Land.Spiritual Healing is not "faith healing" since no faith is required, small babies, children and animals do not understand faith, yet have been assisted by Spiritual Healing.

Religion plays no part in Spiritual Healing because it is a natural process that is universally available to everyone and everything regardless of race, colour and creed.No charge is made for Spiritual Healing in an SNU Church, it is free.If you want to know more or have questions to ask, why not go along to your local SNU Church and discuss them with a Healer or other knowledgeable person that is available. When you attend a Healing session, enjoy the experience, be positive and use the energies to benefit your own health. When you have the opportunity, perhaps you will want to send out your thoughts and prayers of Healing for others by way of Absent Healing. You can do this during the Healing Minute in our Church Services, or at any time of your choosing, in private. Why not put our Second Principle into practice ~ "The Brotherhood of Man" ~ unconditionally. 




 If anyone wishes to make an enquiry in connection with Healing

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