The Spiritualist's National UnionTel: 01279 816363

Fax: 01279 812034


Company Registration No. 71661

Charity Registration No. 261898

VAT Registration No. 424 8733 41

General Secretary :

C.S. Coulston BA,

at above address

and phone number

SNU District Councils on Email:
East London District Council:
West London District Council:
East Midlands District Council:
West Midlands District Council :
Northern District Council :
Manchester District Council :
North Lancs and Cumbria District Council :
Scottish and Irish District Council :
Southern District Council :
South Western District Council :
South Wales District Council :
South Yorkshire District Council :


Other SNU Contacts:

Arthur Findlay College

Stansted Hall ,


CM24 8UD 

Tel: 01279 813636

Fax: 01279 816025



The Spiritualists' Lyceum Union:Email: 

or visit us at

The SNU Trust:Burton End Lodge 

Stansted Hall.


CM24 8UD

Tel: 01279 81415

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